When interior home improvements like flooring, painting, or routine repairs are made, construction waste, including wood chips, broken nails, paint splatters, metal shavings, and fine dust, is frequently left behind on the floor. 

There are always some stubborn stains and scars on the floor or furniture that are difficult to remove by standard cleaning techniques, even though sweeping and wiping the floor with a wet swab may somewhat clean it.

After house remodelling or decorating, it is advised to enlist the help of after-builders cleaning in London to remove dirt and grime as well as tough stains and restore the space to its prior beauty.

How Does an After-Builder Cleaner Differ From a Regular Cleaner?

When surfaces are installed, an after-building cleaning is often a thorough cleaning that includes clearing debris and cleaning worktops, floors, and other surfaces. Daily housekeeping typically consists of simple tasks like dusting, vacuuming, and other regular activities.

Following construction, cleaners will tidy up any soiled or disorganised stuff. For instance, after builders are finished, cleaners will remove any dust or residual plaster from the walls or floors.

Large commercial facilities frequently require different cleaning supplies commonly used for houses. For instance, instead of using conventional vacuum cleaners, big industrial-sized sweepers and floor polishers are frequently employed.

What Does a Builder Clean Involve?

  1. 1. Initial Clean

The first phase is the initial clean. Typically, this first stage is finished in the middle of building construction. For instance, before installing new flooring material, you must completely clean in walking spaces in new construction. The land is then thoroughly cleaned of any garbage after the construction project.

Sometimes the people who build the property themselves handle the initial cleaning. They might, for instance, load and remove their garbage. Sometimes, the builder will use a post-construction cleaning company to complete the task.

  1. 2. Final detail clean

It is the last phase of cleaning the construction site. It entails fixing little building flaws. For instance, final detail cleaning workers will smooth uneven grout lines and remove paint splatter from windows. The grout haze on tiles and floors is eliminated.

Due to the quantity of work that needs to be done, this stage frequently takes longer than the initial phase. Cleaners will complete the cleaning, correcting minor quality flaws and cleaning kitchen appliances and bathrooms. The sort of surface the floor will determine how it should be vacuumed and mopped.

How long does an after-builders clean take?

An extensive builders cleaning can take many hours. The size of the property and the number of workers is factors that affect the timeline. The time it takes to clean up can also be affected by how neat or sloppy the construction crew is. The cleaning could take a lot longer if the builders are disorganised and leave a lot of waste behind.


When speaking with a cleaning expert, mention that you require an after-builder clean. It will guarantee that the appropriate procedures and tools are applied.

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