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In recent times, deep cleaning has become an essential requirement not only for homeowners but also commercial property owners. This service ensures that the cleaner deeply cleans every nook and corner of your property. Hence for the cleanliness and hygiene of homes and safety of closed properties during the lockdown, deep cleaning gives a perfect solution to make the place germ-free, disinfected, and protected from viruses.

A poorly maintained home or a property, which has been shut and closed for a while surely needs a deep cleaning. It is a detailed procedure that takes a bit more time than other services, but it removes all the strongest and the most resistant stains. We clean all those areas which you can’t even reach by yourself, let alone cleaning them that’s why deep cleaning is our speciality. We put every effort into cleaning so you and your family can enjoy a fresh, clean, and pleasant home.

  • For One Bedroom Property from £120
  • Two Bedroom Property from £160
  • Three Bedroom Property from £210
  • Four Bedroom Property from £230

One-off cleaning prices for London

A tidy home is equivalent to a tidy mind, health, and lifestyle. The joy and contentment of living in a clean space out pass everything else. The current pandemic has taught everyone the importance of keeping their surroundings clean, not just regular clean but deep clean. Most illnesses are caused by hidden and unhygienic spots which should have been dealt with at the earliest to maintain the upkeep of the home. We at Home Care Cleaning solutions are experts in transforming your property clean and tidy without you having to lift your finger unless you want to take a sip from your hot coffee.

We will take care of everything without bothering you with anything. We have trusted cleaners in the UK and offer our services at highly affordable rates and prices. We know survival in today’s market is difficult but our services should not.

Let’s look at the price chart for deep cleaning your property-

· For One Bedroom Property from £120
· Two Bedroom properties from £160
· Three Bedroom properties from £210
· Four Bedroom properties from £230

Request a free quote today and we will be standing right outside your door waiting to serve you.

A full deep cleaning service in London

A clean home is a happy home and we find joy in doing that. If you are a resident of London, try approaching Home Care Cleaning for deep cleaning of your property, we are experts who offer 100% customer satisfaction with our services. If you don’t like it (chances are as low as not finding your kid’s favorite toy in Hamleys) we will return to repeat our services for zero cost. Our full deep cleaning services include the thorough cleaning of-

· Floor scrubbing and mopping
· Exhaustive cleaning of window grills and balconies
· Vacuum cleaning of sofa chairs, mattresses, carpets, and curtains
· De-greasing the kitchen
· Cleaning of fans, tube lights, and switchboards
· Cleaning of home appliances like oven, fridge, microwave, etc.

Get high-quality professional deep cleaning services from Home Care Cleaning. Our team is trustworthy, trained, and dedicated to performing their duties and hence, our post-service results are always spectacular and highly satisfactory. Contact us today to transform your home into a beautiful, clean and happy space.

Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services in London

Bacteria can grow and multiply manifolds if food leftovers are left unclean on the kitchen counter, oven trays, microwave surfaces, and other similar areas. The unclean environment can impose serious health problems like food poisoning, bacterial infections, and more. If you are running a commercial kitchen and looking for expert cleaning services in London, well we are right here. Our trained and professional cleaners are experts in taking such jobs at hand. They will arrive at your door fully equipped with materials and cleaners to convert every nook and cranny of your kitchen into a spotless and hygienic surface. They will tackle each area and equipment like-

· Ovens, fryers, grills, microwaves, and other appliances if any
· Fridges, sinks, cabinet spaces
· Kitchen surface and platform
· Floor, ceiling, tiles, and walls

By contacting us and transforming your commercial kitchen into a safe and clean space, you will minimize the risk for-

· Food poisoning
· Bacterial infections
· Increasing the life of your expensive equipment by de-greasing them properly

Also, by deep cleaning the kitchen you will adhere to all the government standards required to run a commercial kitchen. At Home Care Cleaning, we follow high standards to ensure your business complies with all rules and regulations laid down by the government.

Call us today to get a free quote on commercial kitchen cleaning services right here in London.

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    Our Customer Stories

    Alvin Wong
    Alvin Wong
    It is my first time to use end of tenancy cleaning service with Home Care Cleaning. The overall experience in August 2023 is spot on and highly recommended. The cleaning team Nandini and her colleagues have done a great job in terms of keeping us posted when cleaning started and finished. Some of the areas (especially small areas like water mark near water tap) have improved significantly comparing to check-in condition. Eventually we could successfully get back the full deposit. Thank you Home Care Cleaning!!!
    Maria Carolina Neves
    Maria Carolina Neves
    Amazing service!I contacted them to have my flat deep cleaned due to an end of tenancy. They went there on time, and did a superb job,, my flatmate had two cats and the cleaning was so perfect that I couldn't spot any cat hair in the flat. The attention to detail is deffo outstanding. The toilets look like new, appliances as they have never been used. I could spend hour just writing about how fab the cleaning was done. The quality of the service is incredible, and I highly recommend their services. Need to add that I also hired a sofa clean for my new flat, I had to go back to them, and they sorted my problem within minutes. I will for sure use their services again!
    Najime Yachou
    Najime Yachou
    Highly recommended this chap, he's like a one man army, I had another firm consisting of 4 people from Under1roof who refused the job. He came in solo and in 2 hours turned my place around! He works wonders. Thank-you!
    jody steere
    jody steere
    Amazing!! We were desperate, moved into a place of business that wasn’t cleaned and needed help ! Super responsive and made white what I never thought possible! This cleaning service saved me!! Well worth every Penny - bonus, very friendly and easy to work with!!
    nikhil Sharma
    nikhil Sharma
    They were professional and very helpful. Did the cleaning promptly and were thorough with the job.
    Anshul Gupta
    Anshul Gupta
    Great service, very professional. Highly recommended.
    Ian Ocampo
    Ian Ocampo
    Very good, good attention to detail and very quick
    Annabella Capuozzo
    Annabella Capuozzo
    They’re absolutely awesome! Both the end of tenancy cleaning they did for us ended up with compliments from my landlords. The house was spotless, they are so nice and professional and price are reasonable too. I will recommend them to everyone!!

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