In a fast-moving city like London, trends constantly evolve, and every homeowner likes to stay updated on the latest trends. Therefore, every house in London goes through a series of renovations at some point or another. Real estate managers also build flats in a way that would suit the present trends. Once any renovation or building work is done, the property gets covered with dust, dirt, paint stains, waste and all kinds of mess that requires cleaning. 

These spaces can’t be cleaned with conventional cleaning methods and require professional assistance. Here’s how you can seek professional help for after-builder cleaning in London

Step 1: Understand your Needs

For this step, you need to survey your property to check the extent of cleaning it requires, the kind of mess that has gathered around, the size of the property and the timeline you have to get it cleaned. By doing this, you will be able to communicate your needs better to the service provider, and they will be able to do a meticulous job. 

Step 2: Do your research

A simple search engine surfing will help you find the services for professional house cleaning in London, but looking for companies with expertise in after-builder cleaning services is essential. The ones with a specialisation understand the unique ways to deal with a post-construction property and, therefore, do a better job at it. 

Step 3: Check Credentials, References, Licences

Always look for certifications and licences to prove experience, specialisation and credibility. Make sure that they are insured and bear a strong market reputation. Read reviews online or visit their website to gather testimonials from previous customers to ensure they have a quality commitment to work. 

Step 4: Inquire about Cleaning Methods

Even though not necessary, it’s always better to know the cleaning supplies and tools that these cleaners use as, at times, certain cleaning products can tarnish fresh paint or do some other damage. London is also growing to be a sustainable city; therefore, you also need to ensure that their methods are environmentally friendly and conscious. 

Step 5: Scheduling

Pick a date that works best for you and make the booking. Also, ask them for a quote on prices. Check if they require your presence in the property while the cleaning is ongoing, as expert after-builder cleaners can get the work done without your involvement, saving your time and effort. Inquire if the work can be done in one session or if multiple sessions are required. 

Step 6: Last Minute Formalities

Draft and sign a contract if necessary. Supervise the work if you wish to. Set up periodic cleaning sessions. Provide detailed feedback so that they can improve their work the next time. 


Hiring the right after-builder cleaners can help by taking stress off your shoulders. It can help you achieve much in limited time, money and effort. Always be careful about choosing the right professionals, as it is a matter of the beauty and charm of your home, which is your space of comfort. 

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