Home Cleaners

We love to clean our homes with our own gloved hands, but doing it regularly cannot be possible with kids and work, squeezing the bulk of our time. 

That is when you need a little bit of cleaning help. The good news is that professionals are always up to the task whether you need a general cleaning of your doors, carpets, and upholstery or a move-out cleaning in London. However, making the right choice can get tricky since every cleaner claims to be London’s best. 

So, how do you pick the best one then? Well, by asking the following four questions to them:

Ques 1. What are your charges?

Let’s get done with the biggest question first- Money! Most cleaners would like you to invite them over to your home so that they can give you the correct estimate. The size of your home and the number of items to be cleaned can be detrimental to preparing the final quote. Although most cleaners have rigid price charts, you can still ask if there is room for negotiation. Besides that, ensure they are also comfortable with your payment method. 

Ques 2. Can you tell me about your cleaning products?

Cleaners generally come equipped with environment-friendly and fragrance-free cleaning agents. But not all cleaning agents can be applied on sofa fabrics, upholstery, and carpets. Therefore, cleaners must have specific liquid solutions for each fabric to avoid damage. Moreover, if you think your supplies are better than theirs, you can also offer your supplies for cleaning. Cleaners never mind using your agents over theirs since their final goal is to satisfy you, not their ego. The idea behind this question is to ensure your family’s and your item’s safety.

Ques 3. How many of you will access my home?

You may have to leave for work while the professionals clean your home. Therefore, it is best to know the details of each cleaner working inside your home. 

Another question that’s worth asking is- who will head the team? It is better to stay in contact with the manager so that they can update you on the cleaning process. 

Also, before you hire someone for professional house cleaning in London, ensure that all your valuable belongings are kept safe. Although professionals work in different homes daily, it is best not to trust them with your commodities. 

Ques 4. Do you have a policy for replacing damaged items?

Insurance is paramount in the field of cleaning. One lousy touch and your valuable artefact can be shattered into pieces. To evade that, it is essential to know about the replacement policy of the cleaning company. Most genuine cleaners are bonded so that the onus of any damage does not lie on them. If they are not, it is better to look for someone with proper insurance papers.

Final Thoughts

A professional cleaner will ensure your items are safely handled and deeply cleaned. By hiring them, you break free from the hassle of cleaning every Sunday and risk injuries and damages. So, let the professionals handle the cleaning job while you run your errands carefree. 

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